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SCG Legal is a worldwide network of 122 independent law firms, founded in 1989 and ranked in Chambers Global, as well as in its Canadian and Asia Pacific editions. The network includes law firms -80% of which are also ranked in Chambers & Partners- that host legal, regulatory, and, in many countries, public policy practices. Members serve clients in the major capitals and hubs of 62 countries, in all U.S. capitals, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and the District of Columbia. The network’s member firms share a culture of top-tier legal practices and industry leadership; a high dedication to client service and responsiveness; a commitment to diversity and inclusion; and a devotion to transparent, innovative, and fair billing practices.


SCG Legal will provide AGM Abogados with access to the global expertise and local connections necessary to provide its clients with seamless legal and public relations services, regardless of where in the world their needs arise.


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The Lawrope International Group

Founded in 1990, the Lawrope Group was formed by law firms from around the world, covering Europe, Latin America and United States and sharing the same interests and policies.


The main objective of the Lawrope Group is to provide clients with global advice at a local level by means of a partner in situ.


Our members meet regularly to analyze market situation and perspectives and how they affect our clients. They discuss global solutions considering the knowledge that each law firm has about its own country. Again, we only have one objective: to provide the best solutions for each and every single problem that our clients may have.


For further information about the Lawrope Group, you can visit the website You can also contact the group directly at

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