Our Labour Corporate Compliance Department offers a service of legal verification and analysis of relevant labor conditions in companies and their compliance with existing labor legislation at all times, with recommendations for future implementation to help improve and minimize negative contingencies in the company’s labor relations and human resources organizations, such as:


  • Temporary hiring of workers.
  • Exam of the compensation systems.
  • Analysis of the application of job classifications.
  • Checking of the working hours monitoring systems.
  • Analysis of the procedures in case of contractors and subcontractors.
  • Pre audit of Occupational Risks Prevention.
  • Protocol on workplace labour and sexual harassment: psychological violence or harassment of a sexual nature which may occur in labor relations. We establish operating procedures to manage such situations.
  • Compliance with immigration and worker mobility regulations: we give you the chance to prepare a report on compliance from the internal processes that your company currently follows regarding the temporary relocation of workers abroad, taking into account their particular needs according to usual destinations and the number of workers who are susceptible to it.


For other questions related to corporate compliance, please visit our Corporate Compliance section of the website.