Legal advice in crimes against workers’ rights

The lawyers at the Criminal Department of AGM Abogados specialise in individual and company defence, in all kinds of crimes against workers’ rights.


When there is an occupational accident, employment inspection usually issues a report which determines the causes of this and establishes whether the company has broken any rule with regard to prevention of occupational hazards.


It is later on usual practice to get criminal proceedings under way in which several parties may be involved. On one hand, the worker who has undergone the accident may exercise any proper criminal and/or civil action to be compensated for the injuries that he or she has undergone and also the company and its legal representatives and employees with health and safety responsibilities may be investigated in those proceedings.


At AGM Abogados we have extensive experience in both the defence of workers who have undergone accidents (in which it acts as the private prosecution) and in the defence of companies and individuals investigated in this type of criminal proceedings.