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Ericka Chaparro Manrique

On June 30, a group of students from the most renowned pre-law universities in the United States (Yale, Harvard, among others), led by The Lex Fellowship program, visited our office in Madrid and exchanged knowledge with some of our lawyers.

During their visit, the students participated in a work session in which our lawyers, David del Valle from the Mercantile area and Marc Fernández from the Immigration and International Mobility area, presented a legal case that they had to resolve.

The students, between 18 and 21 years old, analyzed and worked on the resolution of the suggested questions accompanied and guided by a Legal Associate (guide lawyer of the program) and in the presence of the Commercial and Immigration lawyers, who analyzed the answers and presented the resolution of the case.

The experience served as support for future professionals in the international legal sector who continue to visit year after year, not only AGM Abogados, but also other leading law firms. Del Valle stressed that it is “a fun activity, which allowed them to learn about our work and learn to resolve legal cases.” Likewise, “a great opportunity that AGM facilitated us together with The Lex Fellowship to teach law and the day to day of our profession to the youngest. Enriching for both parties,” added Fernández.

About The Lex Fellowship

Lex Law Immersion programs allow you to study abroad, understand the life of a lawyer, and stand out on law school applications.

The role of the program is to instill in its students the knowledge, perspectives, and real-world experience they need to make a smooth and effective transition to law school and the full-time professional world.

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