Legal Support to Customer Services

Our service which provides Legal Support to Customer Services aims to give legal counselling to our clients regarding consumer claims, whether they are extrajudicial, judicial and/or administrative.


This service is provided by lawyers with an accumulated experience of 20 years, specialising in legal counselling to fast moving consumer goods distribution and manufacturing companies, both domestic and international.

Our team of Legal Support to Customer Services

Vanessa Herrero Sanz

Carlotta Lucrezia Conte Gómez


Vanessa Gañán Rincón


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Review of the regulatory framework and 24/7 support

  • Reviewing and verifying the General and Specific Terms and Conditions of the contracts with consumers so that they conform to the prevailing regulatory framework.
  • Reviewing and verifying any Product Liability situation.
  • Reviewing and verifying the forms used by the Technical Assistance Service (TAS) to adapt their wording so that they clearly determine the source of the incident arising from a consumer good. We also carry out periodic training for the TAS, focusing on the prevailing regulations and on resolving any recurring legal queries.
  • Reviewing and verifying the promotions underway so that they conform to the prevailing regulatory framework.
  • Monitoring, when required, the recall campaigns applied.

Support to Administrative Processe

Regarding administrative penalties, we respond to any public bodies with well-founded reasons so that we can gather the evidence that must be provided in court and prevent the start of penalty proceedings.

If penalty proceedings start, we take care of the defence in all the administrative phases to avoid the penalty.

Support to extrajudicial and judicial proceedings

We assist our clients, from start to finish, in all the extrajudicial and judicial proceedings in which they are involved as a result of claims brought by consumers.

Support to consumer arbitration

If consumers go to arbitration, we assist our clients in the arbitration proceedings to which they adhere or where their participation has been of interest as a result of the claims filed by consumers.


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