Litigation and mediation. Labour

  • Representation and defence before agencies of the Public Administrations and competent managing agencies:
    • Administrative conciliation prior to the social jurisdictional process in disputes between individuals and work groups.
    • Proceedings before the Work Inspection Agency and Social Security.
    • Proceedings before the Administration in subjects related to work safety and work-related hygiene and prevention of accidents.
    • Negotiation of work collective agreements and proceedings for their recognition before the Employment Authority.
    • Proceedings of mass dismissal and work regulation.
    • Statement of business liability processed before the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) related to the surcharge of social security benefits due to a work accident because of a lack of safety measures.
    • Proceedings related to direct responsibility of the employer due to failure to meet affiliation, registration and contributive obligations.

    Legal defence before Social Order Jurisdictional Entities:

    • Individual and collective work conflicts.
    • Dismissals, sanctions, professional classification, social security, collective disputes, contestation of collective agreements, concerns related to union elections, among others.