and mediation

The specialist lawyers working in the Litigation and Mediation Departmentof AGM Abogados give comprehensive legal assistance, supporting the client throughout the jurisdictional instances required to defend their interests.


Each matter is first of all analysed in order to find out the feasibility of each legal procedure and thus avoid any unnecessary expense for our clients

In the event of it proving necessary to get legal action under way, we give advice on the procedural strategy to be used, amongst others, in the following areas:

  • Civil: defence before the Court for any type of lawsuit, and before all legal or arbitration authorities, national or international.
  • Commercial.
  • Insolvency.
  • Labour: Representation and defence before agencies of the Public Administrations and competent managing agencies and legal defence before Social Order Jurisdictional Entities.
  • Criminal.
  • Administrative.
  • Tax.

Likewise, AGM Abogados offers its mediation service to your company which can contract it like any other daily lawyer service, administration or specialized in IT. Those professionals are mediators who can help you to solve problems in order to avoid more dramatic solutions such as liquidation, company dissolution that can result in important damages.


Mediation is really useful in those companies context because it is a conflict resolution method in line with the following philosophy:

  • Allowing an immediate conflict resolution that reduces emotional and economic cost.
  • Helping people in the conflict to find a common solution, an alternative that satisfies your needs.
  • Recognizing that going to court can damage irreversibly personal relations.
  • When family members go into a conflict, the emotional intensity makes the ability to communicate and solve problems difficult. A third-party intervention gives the opportunity to see the conflict from a different perspective and to find a common agreement satisfying both parties.

AGM is one of the lawfirms recommended in Spain by the Leaders League ranking for the categories of “Commercial Litigation” and “International Arbitration” 2020

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Miquel Morales AGM Abogados Derecho civil, seguros y familia

Miquel Morales


Area: Civil law

Offices: Barcelona y Madrid

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