We offer a specialized service in the field of buying and selling of companies, with knowledge and experience in all types of complex operations for the acquisition or sale of small, medium and large volume businesses, from local production units to multinational enterprises.

The working methodology of the M&A team includes both the most frequent and the most innovative practices in the sector, always working according to the highest quality standards and simplifying the process for the parties, providing documentation and tracking of transactions throughout their process.

We specialize in advising and negotiating transactions in the acquisition and sale of companies, businesses, branches of activity or assets in any format: Management Buy-Out (MBO), Management Buy-In (MBI), Leveraged Buy-Out (LBO), Leveraged Buy-In (LBI), Buy & Build, both for the buyer and the seller, and until the conclusion of the agreement between the parties, always with a total commitment.

Our main M&A services are:

  • Completion of due diligence procedures and drafting of reports and conclusions for the transaction.
    Negotiation and formalization of pre-sales agreements, such as: Confidentiality Agreements (NDA), Letters of Intent (LOI), Framework Agreements (Mou), etc.
  • Negotiation and formalization of the contracts of sale of companies and businesses (SPA and APA), including their most delicate aspects, such as Manifestations and Guarantees (R&W), price adjustments, complementary payments (Earn Outs), indemnities, etc.
  • Formalization of corporate transactions for the control of companies through: mergers, divisions, capital increases, accordion operations, capital reductions, debt capitalization, etc.
  • Formalization of agreements complementary to the contract of sale, such as: partner agreements, collaboration agreements, service contracts, stock option plans, phantom shares plans, mixed incentive plans, etc.
  • Negotiation, coordination and formalization of insurance related to the transaction, such as W&I Insurance or M&A Insurance.
  • Implementation and coordination of company transfer and post-closing.


David del Valle Díez, lawyer M&A. AGM Abogados     In company sale and purchase agreements (SPA), it is essential to define the liability regime of each of the Parties......

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