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Financing Operations. Distressed M&A

Our extensive experience in insolvency proceedings and M&A transactions has made us specialists in this type of transaction.
AGM Abogados Financing Operations. Distressed M&A

Through our Distressed M&A service, we advise our clients on the acquisition and sale of companies or their assests that are in financial difficulty, either pre-bankruptcy or at any stage of bankruptcy proceedings.

We also carry out a thorough analysis of the cause of the problem and offer a range of options to allow the business owner to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Once the client has chosen the most appropriate option, we advise and assist them throughout the whole process, from start to finish.

Who do we advise?

We advise companies and businesses that are in a pre-bankruptcy or bankruptcy situation, either through the purchase and sale of shares or participations, or through the acquisition of the productive unit, devising the best strategy for their acquisition at any stage of the process.

We also advise investors, in particular investment funds, on identifying companies that have potential, despite being in bankruptcy situations, and help them find the best way to acquire or invest in them.

What are our main Distressed M&A services?

In order to provide comprehensive advice in the search for business continuity, we offer the following services in the area of Distressed M&A:

  • Delimitation of the scope.
  • Executing the due diligence process.
  • Presentation of offers and establishment of synergies with the Commercial Court and the Bankruptcy Administration in charge.
  • Negotiations with financial and non-financial creditors.
  • Implementation of a strategy that includes all civil, labour and tax issues.
  • Analysis of businesses or subsidiaries that do not fit with the group’s structure and are underperforming.
  • Search for alternatives to closing the business, such as a specialised sale through a debt restructuring.

Why choose our Distressed M&A services?

  • Our extensive experience in bankruptcy proceedings and M&A transactions has made us specialists in this type of transactions.
  • Similarly, our multidisciplinary team, made up of economists, tax, labour and commercial lawyers, enables us to offer our clients comprehensive and complete advice.
  • We stand out from the crowd thanks to our in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy laws and procedures, and the experience of numerous clients who have placed their trust in us to solve all their needs in this type of operations.

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