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Due Diligence

We have agile, rigorous and expert teams in different branches of law, to approach due diligence processes from a global perspective.
AGM Abogados Due Diligence

A Due Diligence is a comprehensive legal audit procedure comprising an in-depth analysis of the various areas that make up a company, so that the potential buyer has detailed knowledge of the company to be acquired.

The multidisciplinary team of AGM Abogados has lawyers with expertise in different areas of law to carry out exhaustive due diligence processes.

Who do we advise?

Our multidisciplinary team provides advice to:

  • Domestic and international companies.
  • All types of venture capital funds.
  • Investors and operators in different sectors and industries.

What are our main Due Diligence services?

  • We carry out due diligence processes in all fields:
    • Corporate.
    • Taxation.
    • Employment and Social Security.
    • Intellectual property.
    • Personal data protection.
    • Contracts.
    • Litigation.
    • Criminal law.
    • Administrative and regulatory.
    • Assessment of compliance programmes or systems.
  • After analysing the information provided, we deliver a report to our clients on the contingencies detected, which will be used to assess the transaction’s viability and negotiate the transaction.

Why choose our Due Diligence services?

  • We have expeditious, rigorous and expert teams in different branches of law to approach due diligence processes from an overall perspective.
  • We conduct a thorough and rigorous analysis in order to provide potential investors and/or buyers with a complete understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with a potential transaction.
  • We help mitigate the risk of a transaction and maximise the value for all the parties involved.

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