AGM's History

Protecting our clients' interests since 1986

Throughout our history, we have specialised in various sectors of our economy as a result of the continuous legal advice we have provided to certain clients who have placed their trust in us from the very beginning.


Our story begins in Barcelona

More than 35 years ago, 4 entrepreneurs, with the support of their friends and family, joined forces to make a dream come true: to create a law firm in Barcelona.


Beyond borders: our firm joins the international legal group Lawrope

AGM Abogados joins the international legal group Lawrope, which includes firms from all over the world, with the aim of offering our clients legal services with an international scope.


AGM Abogados inaugurates an office in Madrid

With the growth mentality that has always characterised us, AGM inaugurated its office in Madrid in 1996, in the financial heart of the Spanish capital.


We celebrated the opening of our French Desk

In order to assist our clients in the most effective way, we created our French Desk in 2008, with a bilingual French-Spanish team with dual expertise in both French and Spanish law.


We opened up to the Asian market with the Asian Desk

Our firm embarks on a mission to provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice that allows our clients, both Spanish and Asian companies, to overcome cultural differences and simplify the complex administrative processes to accompany them in their business expansion process.


After more than 25 years’ experience with the Latin American market, AGM launches Latam Desk

Understanding the importance of the economic and commercial relations that Latin America has with Europe and, in particular, with Spain, AGM inaugurates the Latam Desk to help companies develop their cross-border activities by providing comprehensive, complete and tailor-made advice to our clients.


Joining the SCG Legal international network

AGM Abogados joins the SCG Legal international network, made up of 122 law firms around the world, with the aim of providing our clients with international, global advice.


Transformation: putting the client first

The firm is undertaking a digital transformation project. The Barcelona offices have also been refurbished with new, more modern spaces. All with the aim of being a leading company in innovation in the legal market and offering a better experience to clients and professionals.

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