Proceedings before Courts and Tribunals

The team of specialist lawyers in the fiscal domain has solid experience in the development of proceedings before courts and tribunals. Prior analysis of the case by our professionals is essential so that an individual or company can take the best decision as to whether they wish to continue with proceedings of this kind or not. AGM Abogados will not embark upon procedures we deem will be unsuccessful, and will inform the client about the feasibility of their appeal at all times.


According to statistics from the Tax Agency, nowadays, most proceedings brought before courts and tribunals by taxpayers end positively for them.


The team of expert lawyers in the area of taxation offers the following services:


  • Appeals before Administrative Agencies and claims before regional and central Economic-Administrative Courts.
  • Legal representation in tax procedures before the Contentious-Administrative Courts and Tribunals in all kind of appeals against administrative acts dictated by the state, autonomous communities and local authorities.
  • Defence in administrative disciplinary proceedings and derivations of liability brought against a company’s governing bodies, and opposition to precautionary measures, as well as defence in offences against the Treasury.