Professional ethics

Culture of integrity and ethical compliance

At AGM Abogados we are concerned about maintaining a culture of integrity and ethical compliance in our organization. For this reason, we have established a specific communication channel, so that our collaborators can report any possible irregularity, non-compliance or behaviour contrary to ethics, legality and the rules that govern our firm.

We provide you with a communication tool called “Ethics Channel”, which allows you to report confidentially and/or anonymously, through a simple form, any activity or behaviour that may be considered irregular or the possible commitment of a crime.

All communications received through the Ethics Channel will be analysed diligently, rigorously, and confidentially by the Compliance Officer of AGM Abogados, and will be treated by the protocol established for this purpose, based on best practices, to respond to them and treat them in an organized process.

This protocol allows us to guarantee transparency, integrity, and ethics in our daily performance.

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