AGM increases its turnover by 12.9% and climbs in the annual ranking of Expansión

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Sandrine Le Jeune

Expansión has just published its renowned annual ranking of law firms, which analyses the turnover, turnover per professional and job creation of the most prominent law firms in Spain.

Despite the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the crisis in certain sectors resulting from it, and the rising inflation of the past year, the overall trend for law firms in 2022 has been one of growth. After the pandemic, most firms already saw the first signs of recovery in 2021, and have confirmed a clear recovery in 2022.

In this edition, AGM Abogados is ranked 29th in the turnover ranking of national law firms, with a turnover in 2022 of 9.9 million euros, which represents an increase of 12.9% over the previous year.

In the turnover ranking of the firms with the highest turnover in Spain, which includes international offices, AGM remains in 59th position.

The Expansión ranking also analyses job creation in law firms. Last year, according to data from Expansión, 75% of the firms participating in the ranking expanded their teams during the last financial year. In this edition, AGM Abogados is ranked 50th (vs. 49th in the previous edition), with an increase of 6.5%.

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