Students from The Lex Fellowship program visited the AGM Barcelona offices

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Camila Moreno Cruz

American students of The Lex Fellowship, an international program, visited our office in Barcelona on July 19, where they had the opportunity to attend a practical workshop on negotiation given by Guillermo Bayas and Antonio Cánovas, partner and lawyer at AGM Abogados, respectively.

The pre-law students had to assume a role, applying the core ideas and concepts of principled negotiation, and in a scenario where the information available to the other party is not known, to make the exercise as close as possible to reality.

“It was a very instructive day on negotiation in which they demonstrated a great knowledge absorption capacity and its swift application,” said Cánovas.

In recent years, AGM Abogados has collaborated with The Lex Fellowship to help the transition between law school and the full-time professional world to future professionals in the international legal sector through these exchange spaces of knowledge, perspectives, and real-world experiences.

Also, for our firm, it has been a positive experience where “we have come away strengthened by being able to get to know his fresh and international vision of negotiation and law,” affirmed Cánovas.

About The Lex Fellowship program

The Lex Fellowship is an international program for undergraduate students interested in law.

For one month, Fellows visit up to 15 different law firms of various specialties alongside a Legal Advisor.

Through this program, Fellows have the opportunity to gain a global perspective as they learn more about law and the legal profession.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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