Succession planning in family businesses

AGM Abogados is a multidisciplinary firm that counts on a long history dating back over 35 years. The firm’s approach to service provision – that this should be tailored to the needs of each company and the size of the firm – has resulted, on many occasions, in the collaboration of our professionals to determine the best tax planning and structure for the succession of family businesses.


It is important to note that one of our partners in this area, Leonardo Cárdenas Armesto, is the Head and Coordinator of the family business area at AEDAF (Spanish Association of Tax Advisors) in Catalonia, and author of different books about succession planning and family protocols.


Properly anticipating and detailed analysis for the succession of the family business is vital to its future viability.


Given the expertise of our professionals, during these processes, AGM Abogados designs the best fiscal structure to suit the company’s succession process, and at the same time, if necessary, deals with coordinating teams for the establishment of family protocols or rules on future conduct that involve the whole family; whether they are at the forefront of the business or hold a more passive role.


Properly planning family relationships and those of family businesses has been essential to many business transitions in which our firm has collaborated. In our experience, if these aspects are not properly arranged and regulated, business development may be seriously damaged.