Expertise, experience, trustworthiness, a holistic approach and an international perspective are the hallmarks of the tax advising services that our firm offers individuals and companies. A team of experienced tax lawyers with the highest education and a broad professional career in the area are the ones in charge of offering a service with the best guarantees required by your company, either with a permanent advice or an occasional one.


Conscious that time is money; we deal with and take responsibility for the various procedures that may need to be managed before courts and tribunals, as well as the Tax Agency.

Thanks to our proven international network, we are able to offer our clients coverage beyond across borders in all kinds of business operations: mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, the expatriation of professionals, investments and linked operations, among many others.


Further, we count on highly specialised lawyers in order to address the specific needs that complex processes such as the issue of succession in family businesses or tax planning for non-profit organisations require, offering our clients solid experience in advising these types of organisations.


It should be pointed out that one of our partners in this area, the lawyer and partner Leonardo Cárdenas Armesto, is the Head and Coordinator of the family business area at AEDAF (Spanish Association of Tax Advisors).

The Tax department was recommended by the “Leaders League” ranking in Spain in 2019, 2020 and 2021

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Within the areas of our Tax department, we provide special attention to the following matters:

Within the areas of our Tax Law Department, we provide special attention to the following matters:

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