Ana Castro Palacios

Ana Castro Palacios

Practice area

Labour Management






Labour Management Officer


I have a diploma in Social Studies, a Master's degree in HR Management, a Master's degree in Organizational Development and Business Consultancy and an intermediate level in ORP.


I consider myself a HR professional with communication skills, positive thinking, vitality and people oriented, with empathy. I am a versatile person with a high capacity to adapt to different environments and I am constantly concerned about improving and learning new skills.


The experience accumulated throughout my professional career in the areas of labour management, personnel selection and prevention of occupational hazards has allowed me to acquire skills to be able to carry out team management and different projects.


Since July 2022 I am responsible for the Labour Management team in the Barcelona office.


I am very familiar and whenever I can, I return to my native north to enjoy the family and go with "the txikiteo and pintxos gang".

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