Ana Sánchez Delgado

Ana Sánchez Delgado

Practice area

Operations, Commercial & Corporate and M&A








My career has been linked mainly to the publishing industry and, since 2016, when I joined AGM, I am now immersed in the legal area.


As a secretary, I assist the various departments by carrying out administrative tasks, cooperating in the organisation, management and resolution of the cases that are processed and ensuring the law firm's proper functioning. I also apply my academic training as a graduate in English to my position, which has enabled me to expand my knowledge of legal English.


I am interested in everything related to gastronomy. I am famous for my cakes and pastries, although I am actually fascinated by vegetarian and vegan recipes. They have given me the opportunity to use delicious ingredients such as kale, okra and adzuki beans in my dishes.


Another hobby of mine is hiking. Since I do not have that much time outside the summer, I have reduced this activity to taking long walks that enable me to enjoy my city's delights. By going faster, I stay in shape.


As a good reader, I am very passionate about writing. This hobby was recently rewarded when I received a diploma as the finalist for a charity story competition.

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