Ana Sánchez Delgado





How can I help you?

My main task is to offer all the necessary support to the professionals of my department in order to advise and provide legal services to our clients. My functions as a secretary and paralegal will contribute to the good resolution of the cases handled.

My professional career

My professional career has been developed mainly in the editorial sector and currently, since my incorporation to AGM, it is immersed in the legal area.

As a secretary I assist the Mercantile Department carrying out administrative tasks, cooperating in the organization, management and resolution of the files processed, as well as in the proper functioning of this area. My functions as a paralegal range from carrying out formalities in Notary Offices, Registries and official bodies, to the preparation of legal documentation, thus providing support to the professionals of my department.

I also apply my academic background as a graduate in English Philology to the position, which gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the language in legal matters.

About me

I am interested in everything related to the culinary art, a hobby that has turned me into a fervent reader of gastronomic blogs.

Other of my hobbies are hiking and running, which when I practice them I enjoy the charms of my city and the beautiful mountains of Madrid.

I am also passionate about reading and writing, being an assiduous “bookworm”.