Antonio Martínez del Hoyo Clemente

Lawyer Of Counsel




How can I help you?

I can help you by understanding your problem or your project, especially in labour matters, and guiding the possible solution, which may involve either a legal claim or an alternative proposal to the courts.

My experience in alternative dispute resolution bodies at regional and state level can be a guarantee for the choice of the best procedure.

I offer anyone interested the experience of almost half a century in the management of financial entities, local administration, public federations, first level responsibility in energy companies, legal consultancy and management of a law firm.

My dedication to other activities complementary to my professional activities gives me a transversal perspective of problems and possible solutions: management associations, non-profit organisations and the Barcelona Bar Association. The personal contacts established in these areas make it easier to get to know people and possible solutions.

My professional career

I have 25 years of professional experience as the officer for people management and development at industrial companies in the energy sector. In the last 20 years, I have been a lawyer, providing advice for disputes and directly participating in collective bargaining.

I have also participated in many cases as the conciliator, mediator and arbitrator at the Catalonia Employment Tribunal. I am also a mediator at Fundación SIMA.

I have also been a member of the Advisory Board and professor at the Industrial Relations School of Universitat Ramon Llull.   I co-wrote a book called Relaciones laborales – asignaturas pendientes (Industrial Relations – Pending Issues), I have been the General Secretary and am currently a member of the Management Board of AEDIPE Catalunya.

I have also been the Vice-President for the Employment Law Section and Vice-President for the Senior Lawyers’ Commission of the Barcelona Bar. I am currently president of the Senior Lawyers Commission of ICAB and a member of the “Intercolegial de Seniors”.

At AGM Abogados, I have participated in interim management projects and in-company training.

About me

I am committed to the Association of Friends of the Pere Tarrés Foundation. I am secretary of the Board of Trustees and volunteer of the Foundation “Acció solidària contra l’atur”.

I have been participating in dramatised reading theatre groups and poetry readings.

I like to be with my family (wife, children and grandchildren), also with family friends. I like to go for walks (especially by the sea), art and local gastronomy. I also continue to accumulate documentation for the novel I have been writing for years.