Clara Carrera Soler





How can I help you?

I am able to assist our clients by providing legal advice in civil matters and, in particular, in the pre-litigation phase and the subsequent judicial phase. Both I and my colleagues in the department are highly specialised in civil jurisdiction, which I consider a great added value.

I would highlight my ability to advise on the law of obligations and contracts, product liability, real estate law and insurance law.

My academic background also makes me a highly qualified professional to carry out legal reports and opinions, as well as civil compliance assessments, to ensure that the client complies with the regulatory framework applicable to their activity, or to assist them in entering new sectors o markets.

My professional career

Since I started my Law Degree in 2018, I knew that I wanted to combine my studies with internships in order to enter the working world as soon as possible. So, although I finished my Master’s Degree in Law (UB-ICAB) a few months ago, I can say that I have some professional experience.

Combining studies and work in our sector has undoubtedly been a challenge, but at the same time it has been very satisfying and, above all, it has enabled me to confirm at an early stage what I think is my vocation.

The areas in which I have received the most training over the years are administrative law, commercial law, civil law and the law of civil procedure. In administrative law, I dealt mainly with administrative procedures, and in commercial and civil law, before joining AGM, with corporate law, bankruptcy and real estate, thus underlining my experience in one of the most important law firms at national level.

I joined AGM in September 2022, to do what would be my last internship; and with full knowledge of the type of firm in which I wanted to start my career. Since July 2023, I have been a legal assistant in the Litigation and Arbitration department of the Barcelona office.

I’m looking forward to being called to the Bar soon and discovering the world of the courts. And I’m doing so with the support of the wonderful team that is working with me.

Academically, I’d like to continue my training with postgraduate and master’s degrees and, perhaps, in a few years’ time, I’d like to be able to study an LLM in New York or San Francisco. One day, I’d also like the roles to be reversed and for me to be able to train new generations.

About me

When I’m not at the office, I enjoy meeting friends and family. I love discovering our city with them and especially discovering new cafés and restaurants, or attending cultural events.

Caring for my loved ones is, for me, essential. Life is about people, and the people we surround ourselves with.

I also enjoy time alone with a good book, podcast, movie… oh, and cooking, which I find rewarding and meditative.

I love long walks, both in the city and in nature. Special mention to my favourite companion, and also to my beloved Cadaqués, where I escape from the whirlpool of the legal profession like nowhere else.