Daniel Utreras Tarruella





How can I help you?

I strive to provide personalised advice, understanding the specific needs of each client and working closely with them to achieve effective solutions to all types of work-related contingencies.

My professional career

I graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona (UB) and hold a Master’s in Access to the Legal Profession from the same university.

I joined AGM Abogados with the goal of enriching my legal training and completing the final stage of my professional internship, which I carried out simultaneously with continuing my studies.

During this time, I had the opportunity to gain practical experience and develop my skills in the field of employment and labour law. After completing this period, I took on the position of Paralegal in the employment and labour law department at the Barcelona office.

I look forward with great enthusiasm and anticipation to my bar admission, a significant milestone in my professional development that will mark the official start of my career in the legal field. I am confident that, with the support and experience of the outstanding team around me, I will be able to face the challenges that arise in my professional career with strength and determination.

About me

I spend my free time in the company of friends and family, although I also greatly enjoy time alone with a good book.

When my obligations allow, I am passionate about traveling, discovering new places and cuisines, and enjoying music and cinema.