Ericka Chaparro Manrique

Business Development

Marketing and Communications





How can I help you?

If you are a potential client, I execute different communication and marketing strategies to ensure that you, as a potential client, find us and get the solution to your legal, tax or labor request. Through digital campaigns, social media, research, email, presentations, creation of different media and formats to promote the AGM service.

In addition, I refer the request through the most appropriate channel so that the corresponding team of experts can respond to your request.

My professional career

I studied Social Communication (Journalism), mention in Corporate at the University Santa Maria and a specialization in Organizational Communication at the University Monte Avila, both in Venezuela. In 2017 I completed the Master in Digital Communication SEO & SEM at INESDI Business School in Madrid, opportunity that opened my professional experience in Spain. With which, I have had the opportunity to develop my professional career in different countries in companies in different sectors: banking, insurance and marketing. Performing communication actions such as: strategic communication plans, layout and content management in different communication platforms (web, RRSS, CRM, mail) online and offline.

In addition, I have assumed responsibilities of communications coordination, through the execution and design of strategies: content campaigns, development of social media strategy, planning of new key messages for the strengthening of corporate culture, brand identity and reputation.

Since 2019 I am part of the Marketing and Communications team of AGM Abogados, working to boost the brand, corporate image and executing strategies that add to the business.

About me

I like to connect with people, see that someone has taken the step in a supermarket line, to say thank you, good morning or receive a smile from the person who has prepared your coffee in any store, are gestures that make a difference.

I love getting to know new places and cultures, I think it’s the best way to make you more aware of appreciating the details of everyday life.