Erika López Noblom

Head of Human Resources

Human Resources
Digital Transformation & Innovation





How can I help you?

My aim at AGM is to ensure the well-being of the team so that they can perform their duties as efficiently as possible, always making sure that they feel comfortable and proud to be part of the team.

Active listening, transparency and accessibility, as well as training, development and personal follow-up are some of the tools I use to achieve this.

My professional career

I am Graduate in Business Administration and Management from the UOC, Master in Human Resources from EAE and PDD from IESE.

It has been more than 5 years since I joined the AGM Abogados team as Head of Human Resources. The experiences I have developed during this time have completed me as a professional in several aspects; we have promoted and established a culture of open doors, transparency, communication and teamwork based on the values of AGM, companionship, trust and commitment. This has allowed us to consolidate our own human resources policies, such as training, evaluation and development, recruitment, loyalty and personnel management in general, always focusing on the well-being of the team.

Previously I was in the university training sector for 15 years, starting in the administrative field for 1 year to end up as HR and Internal Communication Manager for the last 7 years. My functions were focused on the construction and development of the department, leading a team of 3 people and managing large-scale projects in addition to the organisation’s own management.

About me

I prefer the cold to the heat, I like fish more than meat, the beach will always be my first choice, the mountains I leave to the hikers. In my opinion, watching the moon rise far surpasses any sunset. I couldn’t choose between a good film or a good book.

Shopping or spending time in a bookshop looking for something to inspire me are two of my hobbies, but the main ones are spending an evening with my friends.

Lastly and most importantly, my family, they are simply the best!