Javier Márquez Pérez

Javier Márquez Pérez

Practice area

Labour Management






Labour Management Officer


I studied the first two years of the Bachelor Degree at the Political Sciences and Sociology School. I then graduated from the Law School in 1999. I achieved both at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 2001, I obtained a certificate of professional competence in Administration Management, granted by the Official Board of the Spanish Association of Business Agents, taking the exams of the Spanish Ministry of Public Administrations. In 2010, I studied a 172-hour practical course on employment law at the Madrid Association of Labour Relations Specialists as part of year 31.


Since 1997, I have received over 700 hours of-site training in different areas such as payroll and social security management, human resources, team management, leadership and motivation, safety, staff selection and employment procedure at different training centres such as the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Centro de Estudios Financieros, Centro de Estudios Adams, Ceim-Hedima and Fundación Tripartita (at present, Fundae).


Since 2000, I have been a professional consultant, advisor, expert and lawyer in the employment management area and in the field of employment and law to both companies and workers.


I try to enjoy my spare time by spending it with my family and friends, reading, travelling, cooking, learning English, listening to music and watching films, documentaries and news whenever I can.

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