Jordi Solé Segarra

Jordi Solé Segarra

Practice area

Labour Management, Employment






Labour Management


Graduated in Employment Relations at the Pompeu Fabra University, I studied a Master in Labour Law Consultancy at the Centre for Financial Studies and the Distance University of Madrid and a Master in Labour and Social Security Sub-inspection at the same centre.


I have dedicated my professional life to the continuous development in the wide world of labour relations, studying to perfect both the management and the advice and accompaniment of companies and workers through the different channels that can derive from the labour environment, imposing the good work and equality between both parties to achieve a proper end.


I consider myself a neat professional and dedicated to what I do, leaving everything perfectly square and to everyone's liking, with a desire for knowledge and continuous development in my field. My experience in different companies and consultancies, both legal and labour management during my professional career, have made me create a good point of view and focus on what really matters to get a good service.


I like to spend my free time with my friends on a terrace telling our daily battles and spending time with my family.


I like series and I'm quite a film buff and I also love travelling, hiking in the mountains, basketball, collecting, and I find board games a great way to spend an afternoon/evening.

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