Laura Doñate Domínguez

Accounting Technician




How can I help you?

Thanks to my service, you will always have an updated picture of the accounting situation of your company or professional activity. I work efficiently in a timely manner so that you have control over your tax obligations.

You will feel comfortable and satisfied in your relationship with AGM, which you will consider an essential asset of your business.

My professional career

I have a Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Zaragoza.

I have worked in several companies in Zaragoza and Madrid in the real estate, tax, labor and accounting sectors.

In September 2017, I joined AGM Abogados at the headquarters in Madrid to perform technical-accountant functions taking responsibility for a portfolio of companies on the one hand and on the other hand, making and filing tax returns for AGM’s regular clients and occasional campaign clients.

I love the industry and I am always on the lookout for customer needs that can increase AGM’s business.

I am constantly looking for time to invest in further training.

About me

I am a simple person who enjoys a few hobbies to which I spend quality time, without rushing. I like reading, movies and walking in the mountains (I go to my village whenever I can). I also love cooking and industrial gardening (every year I plant some tomato plants).