Mª Eugenia Blasco Rodellar

Partner and co-director of the Madrid office




How can I help you?

Since I discovered the world of immigration law back in 2002 when I was doing an internship in an association that helps immigrants, my vocation has been to facilitate the migratory processes of those I deal with. The courage involved in a change of country is admirable, and I enjoy being the person who takes the bureaucratic hurdles out of the way that sometimes makes the journey complicated.

My professional career

I studied Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and in my internship at an Immigrant Aid Association I discovered almost by chance the exciting world of Immigration Law, it immediately caught my eye and after more than 20 years of practice I am still enthusiastic about it.

In 2009 I studied at IL3 of the University of Barcelona a postgraduate course on Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Management in the field of labour and linking it with my area of work I did the final paper “Multicultural communication as a tool for conflict prevention in the field of labour”.

In 2013, although I was linked during some years as vice-president of the Association for which I worked, I joined AGM Abogados, starting up the Immigration Department in the office and specialising in Law 14/2013, obtaining since then numerous residence permits for investors, entrepreneurs and qualified professionals.

Since 2014, I have also been coordinating the Asian Desk of the firm in connection with our partners in Asia, where I have traveled with some regularity.

I am currently studying for an MBA at EADA Business School with the aim of continuing to improve my skills in order to provide a better service to our clients. Building on this, leveraging the knowledge I have acquired, in 2024 I undertake a new professional challenge by co-directing our office in Madrid, with the aim of providing innovative female leadership that reinforces both the digital transformation project the firm is immersed in and the international vocation in serving our clients.

About me

In my free time I love to travel and meet people, I am interested in discovering new cultures, their customs, gastronomy… I enjoy reading and I love tv series. On weekends sharing a good meal and chat with friends or family is the best plan possible.