María Talavera Encinas

María Talavera Encinas

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After finishing the Diploma in Tourism and working in different multinational companies in the sector, in 2011 I got the title of Crewmember of Passenger Cabin and I moved to Barcelona. There, I worked as a flight attendant. After an intense flight phase, I returned to Madrid and from then on I worked in administrative positions until I joined AGM Abogados. Where I fullfli the functions of secretary of support and support to the different departments of the firm.


I love travel, knowing exotic places and customs, try new gastronomy and to explore every corner with my backpack on my shoulder. When I'm not traveling the world, I enjoy time with my family and friends. Theather plan, a rock concert, reading a good book or watching my favorite series. These are perfect plans to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle.

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