Mariana Lima Nogueira de Souza

Mariana Lima Nogueira de Souza

Practice area

Digital Transformation & Innovation








I have a degree in Business Administration from IBMEC University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I also have countless courses on different topics that always have one objective: to facilitate! Be it processes, diagrams, conclusions, life...


I consider myself a person with commercial skills, project management skills in a multicultural environment and a great sense of empathy. I am passionate and curious. I have real motivation to facilitate and help the lives of people around me.


In my free time I try to enjoy absolutely everything life has to offer. And if it has salt in it, all the better, because I love the sea. So I do sports, go kayaking, go for walks, cook with music, go to see the sunrise from the sea... In all the above activities, my children accompany me, sometimes because they want to, sometimes because I force them. Oh, and I'm a Barça fan!

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