Martin Alejandro Gürtner

Business Analyst






How can I help you?

My aim is to offer comprehensive financial support and strategic solutions through data analysis and efficient systems management.

I specialize in optimizing financial processes and enhancing decision-making by analyzing accurate and timely information. I am dedicated to providing expert support in areas such as financial planning, budgeting, cost control, and risk management.

My approach involves collaborating closely with internal teams to identify opportunities for improvement and to ensure the achievement of financial targets.

My professional career

I hold a degree in Economics and Business Administration and Management (ADE), with specializations in International Taxation, Economic Theory and History, and Microeconomics. My professional experience in the field of finance stems from my passion for researching the economic and financial mechanisms that govern market trends.

For over 10 years, I have applied this interest to roles involving Equity management and Corporate Finance decisions, working for technology multinationals such as TD SYNNEX, RICOH Group, and currently, AGM Abogados.

Additionally, I have expanded my expertise through various specialized courses in Artificial Intelligence, Crypto-assets, Finance and Accounting, Financial Market Analysis, and Management Control.

I am a native speaker of Spanish and Catalan, and I possess an advanced level of English.

About me

I like to spend my free time engaging in a variety of activities, including sports such as cycling, running, cross-fit, and football. Additionally, I enjoy expanding my personal library.

I also consider myself a fan of cinema, music, and cooking.