Mercedes Faro Vidal

Head of treasury






How can I help you?

I can assist you in the preparation and filing of taxes including VAT, IRPF, IS, among others, as well as mortgage management. I can also advise you on the paperwork with different bodies, such as the AEAT, ATC, FNMT, Mercantile and Property Registries and others.

My aim is to help the client and my colleagues in everything they need thanks to my experience of more than 30 years in the firm.

My professional career

In September 1989 I joined the tax-accounting department, keeping company accounts.

One of my first work experiences was at AGM and, since then, I have continued to evolve in my career at the company, where I have carried out different tasks in the Taxation Department such as drafting each year’s income for the company’s main clients.

In May 2019 I joined the finance team as head of treasury.

About me

I enjoy my spare time by taking long mountain walks and spending it with my family.