Mireia Lajara Boyero

Mireia Lajara Boyero

Mireia Lajara

Practice area 

Civil Law and Criminal Law








Graduated in Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in 2008. Afterwards, I studied a Master's Degree in Legal Practice at the Sabadell Bar Association.


I combined my university studies with work experience in the solicitor’s office, and later joined the staff of the Sabadell Bar Association. In April 2009, I joined AGM Abogados Sabadell, where I work as a lawyer in the civil and criminal departments. I have recently rejoined the firm, after having requested a few months' leave of absence to look after my son.


During these years, I have been able to specialize in civil liability and insurance matters, especially in traffic accidents, which is why I took the course on the New Traffic Scale in 2016.


Within the department, I also provide legal advice for family matters and have had specialist training in gender violence since 2019.


I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends, especially doing crafts and making up games and stories with my son.

I like music, photography, gastronomy and travelling, discovering charming accommodations and wine tourism.


The phrase "less is more" could define my personality.


In general, I tend to escape from the conventional, from what everyone does. I like things that are handmade and original, created with love by enterprising people.


I like to give, and think about the receiver to get the perfect gift.

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