Marta Cortés Alaiza

Tax Accounting Technician




How can I help you?

I can help you with both accounting and tax issues.

I love my job and for me it is very important to be able to give a good service to the clients of the firm, both freelancers and companies.

My professional career

I studied Economics at the University of Barcelona (UB) and I have taken different courses throughout my career, all of them related to the financial side of the company.

The beginning of my professional career was in the banking sector in which after spending five years I decided to change and in 2006 I started working in tax and accounting consultancy.

I speak Catalan, Spanish and I am currently studying French again.

About me

I have several hobbies that I try to divide between my free time, one of them is furniture restoration, I love old things and giving them a second chance.

I like reading and I am a sea lover. And what I never forget are the moments with my family and friends.