Sergio López Ejarque

Sergio López Ejarque

Sergio López Ejarque

Practice area

Dispute Resolution








I have a large experience in civil and commercial litigation. In my 20 years of professional experience, I have advised a wide variety of clients in all types of business disputes, from multinationals to micro-companies. My interlocutors can be from legal directors of big companies, to foreign people without any knowledge in the Spanish litigation law. With all of them, I make my best effort to achieve the best defense of their interests in a confrontational scenario, which usually causes uncertainty, discomfort and uneasiness in the person who suffers it. That is why my maxim is always availability, empathy and maximum traceability of my actions in front of the client.


On an academic level, I graduated in Law from ESADE University. I later obtained an MBA from ESADE and two postgraduate degrees in Bankruptcy Law and Compliance from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I consider that continuous training is a requirement of our profession and a duty towards our clients.


I can work perfectly in English, Spanish and Catalan. I also have a basic level of French.


I am a lover of my children. I love spending time with them and watching them grow up. I am also a very familiar person and a great friend to my friends. I always organize lunches, dinners, trips and all kinds of plans, sometimes even too many...


I also love running and walking outdoors, they are activities that relax me and fill me with energy.


I consider myself a happy and lucky person, but as with everything in this life, luck has to be worked on every day.

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