Sònia Varón Vilardebò

Sònia Varón Vilardebò

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I am currently studying a double degree in Law and Business Administration and Management at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, although my balance has always leaned more towards the ADE branch than the legal one.


I started earning my salary by giving private classes and I spent a summer working in the employment section of Sabadell City Council, thanks to an agreement with my high school, when I was still in high school.


Since then I have focused on my university education, but when AGM crossed my path, I jumped at the chance.


In addition, I also work in a creperie and sweet shop, where I have learned the importance of teamwork for the optimal functioning of any business.


I speak Catalan, Spanish and English; I have knowledge of German and I am constantly learning Japanese.


I love reading (and being read to). I always carry a book with me, although recently I have become hooked on audiobooks and the immersive experience they offer.


My other great hobby is music, especially if it is live and loud. In fact, a large part of my knowledge of the national geography is due to trips to see my favourite bands in concert.


For me, the best way to enjoy growing up is to keep that little girl inside me alive.

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