Xavier de Bernat Jiménez

Senior Lawyer




Best lawyer in the area of Insurance Law
Best lawyer in the area of Insurance Law

(Spain - 2020-2024)

How can I help you?

As a legal professional, I try to be agile and decisive in all those matters that, within my speciality, concern and affect the client.

I encourage lawyer-client communication, with the aim of keeping them informed, always looking after their interests in the different phases of the matter entrusted to me (litigious/pre-litigious), as well as carrying out all the necessary actions to avoid litigious situations (preventive advice).

My professional career

I studied a 5-year Bachelor Degree in Law at Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and graduated in 2010. In 2011, I studied a Master’s Degree in Real Estate, Planning and Building Law at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). That degree enabled me to carry out a work placement at the legal services of Barcelona city council (Eixample district) and subsequently join an environmental consultancy firm with its own legal department.

In 2013, I joined a prestigious law firm specialising in civil, litigation and insolvency law. Before joining AGM Abogados, I also formed part of a multidisciplinary law firm, which focused mainly on managing large international companies and clients. In that phase, I specialised in sectors as diverse as debt management, banking, consumer, large retail, transport and energy, completely managing the clients’ defence both in and out of court. I also carried out the legal representation in numerous legal proceedings throughout Spain.

I usually work in English, Spanish and Catalan.

About me

I have a passion for cooking and am especially interested in gastronomic routes and unique restaurants.

I am a big fan of crime novels.

I love the Empordà region and the Costa Brava’s winding roads.

I am keen on non-mobile photography. I am an admirer of natural landscapes far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I love sitting round the table after a meal where people provide infinite points of view aimed at convincing each other.