Xavier Salvà Guim

Operations Manager

Digital Transformation & Innovation





How can I help you?

The functions I perform in the firm are all aimed at improving the productivity and profitability of the firm, working with management to achieve the firm’s objectives. The development and implementation of operational strategies, budget and resource management, analysis of operations and proposing solutions are part of these functions.

In my day-to-day work, I also try to make sure that everything runs efficiently and effectively: I supervise the implementation and management of information technology systems, putting in place new technological solutions and cybersecurity measures, thus ensuring the quality, security, confidentiality and compliance of our services.

My professional career

I earned my degree in Business Administration by getting up every day at 5:30 a.m. for years. I would go to a factory warehouse to write delivery notes by hand. I spent 8 hours there. I acquired discipline and learned that all work, no matter how simple, is important as part of the smooth running of the company. I discovered that with simple resources you can also achieve great results.

It is true that perhaps I would have liked to have Masters and other degrees and not a modest diploma, but in every company in which I have worked throughout my life I have always contributed two things that I believe are very important: passion and reason. And that means time. I consider myself a self-made man. I have been doing what I love doing for more than 350 years, dedicating 50% to management and 50% to numbers.

About me

Outside of work, what I like most is to enjoy the company of my mother and family. For me it is important to disconnect: to stop and think.

I like going to the theater, reading, studying and music. Although I can’t avoid the daily temptation to make the most of Excel, which is undoubtedly, after the wheel, the best invention of mankind.