Xavier Salvà Guim

Xavier Salvà Guim

Practice area 

Operations, Finances, Digital Transformation & Innovation



Barcelona and Madrid



Operations Manager


I obtained a Diploma in Business Studies by waking up at 05:30 every day for many years. I used to go to a factory warehouse to write the delivery notes by hand. I would spend 8 hours there. I acquired discipline and learned that any type of work, no matter how easy it may be, is very important for a company's dynamics. I also ended up hating writing by hand. That is why, with my first savings, I bought the SINCLAIR ZX81, which was a real marvel, although it only had 2 KB of RAM. I found out that one could also obtain great results using simple resources.


Although I would have loved to have obtained a Master's or another degree and not a modest Diploma, I have always provided two things which I believe are very important to all the companies that I have ever worked for: passion and reason. And that means time. I consider myself to be a self-made man. I have been working for over 30 years doing what I love most, spending 50% of my time on management functions and 50% on numbers. At AGM Abogados, I am also pleased to work with my colleagues and am satisfied with how the partners value my contributions.


Outside work, what I love doing most is to enjoy my spare time. For me, it is very important to disconnect: stop and think.


I love the theatre, reading and music. Although I cannot avoid the daily temptation to make the most of Excel, which, after the wheel, is clearly the best invention of mankind.

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