Youssra Louahidi Akouh

Youssra Louahidi Akouh

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I studied Law at the University of Barcelona. At the end of the Law degree, I completed the Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession. In July 2021 I passed the entrance exam and I am in the process of preparing documents to become a member of the professional association. Due to my experience in a tax office, this year I have begun to do a Master in Taxation at the UOC.


During my degree I did an internship in an office in the field of taxation and once the internship was finished I continued working there until 2019. In 2019 I did an internship in a consultancy and when I finished the internship I joined as an immigration advisor until October 2021. Now I work in the Immigration and International Mobility department of AGM Abogados.


In my free time I love to spend time baking, something I have been doing for many years. In addition, I like to travel whenever I have the possibility.

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