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Effective and strategic legal solutions that drive the success of our clients in an ever-changing business environment.
AGM Abogados Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)

In an increasingly digitalised and connected world, the effective protection and management of technology, information and intellectual property is critical to business success.

At our firm, our Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) & Intellectual Property (IP) area provides specialist advice on an extensive range of TMT and IP issues.

In the field of TMT, we advise our clients on issues ranging from data protection to e-commerce projects or more disruptive businesses (blockchain, AI, NFTs, etc.), as well as on issues relating to cybersecurity, or regarding the negotiation, drafting and resolution of disputes relating to software contracts (development, licensing, breaches, etc.).

In the field of intellectual property, we advise companies and businesses on how to protect their intangible assets. Therefore, we provide advice on how to design protocols, contracts and documents aimed at protecting intellectual property and provide support to protect the corresponding copyrights, trademarks and industrial property. Our team of experts combines in-depth legal knowledge with a practical understanding of the specific challenges faced by businesses in this fast-changing and dynamic (increasingly digital) environment.

Our goal is to provide effective and strategic legal solutions that drive our clients’ success in an ever-changing business environment.

Who do we advise?

Our services are designed to meet the legal needs of a large range of clients, from technology start-ups to more traditional and established companies in various industry sectors that need to safeguard and protect aspects of their digital presence.

We also provide advice to individual creators, artists and creative businesses seeking to protect their intellectual property rights and day-to-day business, which also includes the digital environment.

We also target multinational companies operating in technology, media and telecommunications, as well as those that need to comply with data privacy and cybersecurity regulations, among others.

What are our main TMT services?

Privacy and data protection

Our services related to privacy and data protection include:

  • Legal advice on European and Spanish data protection regulations.
  • Risk analysis and data protection impact assessment.
  • Assistance to companies on implementing data protection by design and by default.
  • Data protection officer (DPO) services or DPO support services external to the company.
  • Data protection legal representative services for companies not established in Spain or Europe.
  • Periodic legal audits or checklists on data protection.
  • Legal support for exercising rights.
  • Legal support for managing security breaches or cybersecurity crises.
  • Creation of privacy policies for online companies or platforms.
  • Advice on the regularisation processes for international data transfers.
  • Preparation, implementation and drafting of procedures required for approving Binding Corporate Rules.
  • Legal assistance for administrative proceedings before the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Data Protection Agency).
  • Support for appeals, claims or litigation in data protection matters.
  • Data processing agreements (controllers, processors, third-party agreements, inter-group agreements).
  • Specific data protection advice for platforms or technologies that use sensitive data or disruptive technologies (video games, big data, AI, blockchain, biometrics or automation activities).
  • Data protection training.


Our e-commerce services include:

  • Legal advice on e-commerce regulations in accordance with European and Spanish regulations.
  • Preparation of the various legal texts for online platforms: legal notice, privacy policy, cookie policy, terms and conditions (T&C), business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), community standards, special conditions and service licensing models.
  • Checklist or audits of websites or platforms to comply with the law (forms, newsletter subscriptions, user consent).
  • Legal advice on compliance with the Digital Package (Digital Services Act & Digital Markets Act).
  • Advice and preparation of policies for the management and sending of electronic communications such as newsletters or commercial mailings.
  • Legal advice on certified electronic signature and digitalisation services.
  • Advice on online competitions, lotteries and raffles.
  • Training on best practices or legal aspects of e-commerce.

Software and online platforms

Our services related to software and online platforms include:

  • Legal advice or planning of legal strategies on the type of contracts needed for clients, designers, developers or programmers.
  • Drafting of software development agreements.
  • Negotiation on behalf of clients to draw up the necessary software contracts.
  • Drafting of the software terms of use or licences: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  • Support for issues related to software infringements and/or the filing of claims or lawsuits.
  • Management, negotiation and defence related to infringements or breaches of technology contracts.

Disruptive technologies

Our services referring to disruptive technologies are the following:

  • Preventive advice before adopting or implementing disruptive solutions such as blockchain, biometrics, artificial intelligence, metaverse, NFTs and quantum computing at companies or for projects.
  • Drafting of the necessary contracts and agreements, review and/or negotiation of contracts with technology partners.
  • Risk analysis of the implementation of such technologies and establishment of an action plan and minimisation of such risks.
  • Assistance with the drafting of manuals and codes of good practice or internal policies for companies or organisations regarding the implementation of such technologies.
  • Training on the legal aspects and best practices regarding the use of such technologies.
  • Ethical and legal compliance services regarding the implementation of such technologies.


Our cybersecurity services are as follows:

  • Advice on detecting potential leaks or vulnerabilities in the company’s existing operations and policies.
  • Collaboration with IT experts to support the above.
  • Establishment and definition of policies to prevent crises or breaches, accompaniment and legal support when they occur (prevention, management and reaction).
  • Drafting of and advising on crisis and contingency management plans related to the company’s cybersecurity.
  • Support for the legal aspects related to social reputation crises arising from security breaches which affect rights or have legal and/or economic consequences.
  • Cybersecurity training.

Intellectual Property (IP) and Digital Law services

Our Intellectual Property (IP) and Digital Law services are as follows:

  • Legal advice on how to protect intellectual property for digital services or platforms.
  • Intellectual property agreements for providing services that include intellectual property issues: design and/or development of websites, software or platform development, or related to the publication of content published on online platforms.
  • Advice on new ways to protect content other than traditional intellectual property registration (third-party platforms or trusted service providers, escrow, blockchain, etc.).
  • Terms and Services for providing online services and protecting content (providing advice, in particular in view of the Digital Package regulations).
  • Legal advice on intellectual property regarding disruptive services such as NFTs, big data and AI applied to content.
  • Advice on intellectual property infringements related to content on online platforms.
  • Advice on and registration of trademarks related to digital businesses.
  • Defence of trademarks and filing of appeals or legal proceedings in these areas.
  • Support for the legal aspects related to social reputation crises in social media which affect rights or have legal and/or economic consequences.
  • Training on intellectual property and the enforcement of rights applied to the digital environment.

Why choose our TMT services?

At our law firm, we are committed to providing exceptional legal solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs in the area of TMT & IP. Our team of experts combines in-depth knowledge of the law with a practical understanding of the business challenges in a constantly evolving digital environment.

Why choose our services?

  • Specialised experience: we have highly specialised TMT and IP lawyers with experience in both the legal and business sectors, enabling us to provide comprehensive and strategic advice.
  • Client-focused approach: we are committed to understanding our clients’ specific goals and needs, working closely with them to develop effective, customised legal solutions.
  • Innovative solutions: we are at the forefront of legal and technological trends, enabling us to provide innovative solutions that help our clients anticipate and address the challenges of the future.
  • Commitment to excellence: we strive to provide the highest quality service, maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in all our interactions with clients.

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