AGM celebrates the second edition of “The Laws of Art”

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Sandrine Le Jeune

The second edition of the exhibition “ The Laws of Art “, commonly known as a “vernissage“, was held in the Barcelona offices of AGM Abogados on 15 June.

The event coincided with the inauguration of the refurbished offices of AGM Abogados headquarters, which opened its doors to its clients, friends and acquaintances, in a unique, artistic and innovative experience.

In collaboration with Piramidón, Centre d’Art Contemporani, the AGM offices have become an improvised art gallery. The walls have been dressed for a few days with works by the artists Ana Monsó and Pere de Ribot, both members of Piramidón, who have left a total of 13 works on display in the new AGM spaces, which are on sale to anyone interested.

The event was attended by more than 100 people, who were able to enjoy an artistic evening while enjoying a cocktail.

This type of event has already been held twice at the AGM Abogados offices in Paris, and has been held for the second time in Barcelona, with the aim of differentiating itself from traditional events in the legal sector.

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