The video game industry in Spain

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Video gaming had a turnover of 1,795 million euros in 2021, with an audience of more than 18 million users in Spain. The sector has been growing for years, as it is not only an entertainment option, but has been transforming and approaching other sectors. There are currently many applications that have technologies used in video games. For instance, virtual reality, design, 2D and 3D art, software, tourism, etc. Having this multidisciplinary character also has a great social impact on both the economy and the labor market.

Most popular genres in the Spanish video game industry

Within the video game sector, we highlight eSports, which had 34 million revenues in Spain with a 49% penetration of the sector, with Spain being in the top 3 European countries with the highest penetration rate of eSports.

The number of video game competitions in Spain has also grown and according to data from the Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI) there are currently a total of four national professional leagues (Superliga Orange of League of Legends or CSGO and Clash Royal, as well as R6 Spain Nationals of Rainbow Six Siege) but also other similar international leagues such as the Dream hack Valencia or the Challenger Series of PS4 tournaments.

The need for specialized technical profiles in the video game industry

This economic growth means that companies also require more specialized technical profiles and that, in turn, Universities and Centers continue to bet on offering university and vocational training programs that meet the demands of the labor market.

According to the same data from the Government’s Annual Report, there are currently more than 90 degrees and postgraduate courses related to video games in public and private universities throughout Spain alone, which means that they are looking to boost the fit with the labor world.

The need to accelerate the process of obtaining work and residence permits for professional in the audiovisual sector.

Faced with this demand for profiles, Spain also has the challenge of being able to attract foreign talent in the sector to promote it as an international benchmark. Consequently, there are also ways for both foreign audiovisual students and experienced professionals to enter the Spanish labor market in a more agile and faster way than in previous years by obtaining the necessary work and residence permits.

If you are a company in the audiovisual sector (production company, video games, streaming, broadcast, 3D, VFX, etc.) or if you are a professional who intends to develop a project or activity in Spain (profiles currently in demand by companies: production controller, executive producer, image illustrator or software development, among others), and you need advice, contact us.

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