Transactions, Mergers

and Acquisitions

The Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions area of AGM Abogados has a team engaged only in M&A operations. Our professionals are highly experienced at giving legal advice in all kinds of transactions and business operations concerning the most diverse types of structures from both the purchaser and the seller’s standpoint.

With over thirty years experience, the M&A department is usually backed by other areas of our practice in order to cover all the relevant aspects of transactions.

Our experience in company mergers and acquisitions includesoperations on national and international scales and we are capable of coordinating our team’s operations with other offices and contributors -from financial advisers to business consultants – in order to design M&A operations from the start to their final execution, including post-closing. Our professionals handle all the details of the transactions, considering the different economic-financial and operative aspects of each organisation in order to harmonise practical aspects with legal ones.


We offer a specialised service in purchase and sale of companies, with knowhow and experience in all kinds of complex operations for buying or selling businesses of small, medium and large size, from local production units to multinational companies.


The department is specialised in Distressed M&A: buying companies in a bankruptcy or pre-bankruptcy situation. We stand apart for our extensive knowledge of laws and bankruptcy proceedings and in the experience of many clients who have placed their trust in us to solve all their needs in this type of operations.

The M&A department is recommended by the “Leaders League” ranking in Spain in 2019 for the categories of Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity.

If you have any doubts please read the details on all the services provided by the department

If you have any doubts please read the details on all the services provided by the department

… or get in touch with us and we will help you to settle these.



Francisco Lacasa


Área: M&A, Corporate Finance

Sedes: Barcelona, Madrid, París

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