Unfair competition

At AGM Abogados there is a team of professionals specialising in Unfair Competition law, advising its clients on any commercial practices which may entail unfair competition, such as:


  • Deceitful practices.
  • Misleading acts.
  • Exploitation of others’ reputation.
  • Sales at a loss.
  • Inducing contractual infringement.


Our Due Diligence service, which specialises in the field of unfair competition, specifically tackles and prevents cases of unfair competition carried out by ex-workers, and thanks to the valuable contribution made by our experts in employment matters, we can prevent any potential risks in particularly sensitive sectors which may be affected by this type of practices.


AGM Abogados offers legal protection and the legal mechanisms required to defend its clients’ interests in this type of unfair acts by bringing such action as:


  • Declaratory action on unfairness and other legal action by means of which we can demand cessation of the act.
  • Removal of the effects caused.
  • Compensation for damages.
  • Rectification of any incorrect information, even resorting to higher judicial and institutional bodies when this is required.